There are few things we at Intelliga enjoy more than our long term client relationships. After an initial engagement approximately 10 years ago, we are pleased to announce the latest iteration of the Rockhaven Homes web site. The all-new site for the Georgetown, Ontario-based custom home builder incorporates updated branding and major content updates – the project wasn’t just a re-skin of the previous site!

A primary driver of the project was to incorporate “responsive” web construction, an approach that allows the site layout to respond to the screen size, reducing the amount of compromise required to make the site work well on small screens such as mobile phones and tablets, as well as larger screens such as desktop computers.

Intelliga worked hand-in-hand with Rockhaven Homes to develop new text for the site, simplifying, better defining, and better organizing services and offerings that have expanded over the years.

The site also revolves around home photography – shot by Intelliga’s own in-house photographer, Mark Davidson – that shows off the care, creative design, and quality construction that sets Rockhaven Homes apart.

Though the branding update – logo and colouring – came late in the project, having built the site on WordPress with a customized Divi template (from Elegant Themes) Intelliga was able to rapidly apply updates prior to launch.

Visit the new Rockhaven Homes web site at