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Maserati North America

Intelliga has developed a lasting relationship with Maserati North America. Our passion and knowledge with this luxury car industry has rocked our socks off.

From Hollywood movie directors to gents deep in the heart of Texas, Intelliga has interviewed Maserati owners across North America. They are an interesting bunch and made for captivating content for the many online issues of “Maserati Monthly”.


“…the high-compression engine runs its electrical checks before signaling the ignition to fire, and it makes the first bark of life from within the all-aluminum Ferrari-designed engine even more intoxicating than it might otherwise be. The sound of the tuned exhaust cuts through the cool morning air, echoing off the hotel canopy with vigor. Yes, it’s childish, but I cannot help it. This first encounter always brings a smile to my face, and it’s by no means the first time I have sampled such an exotic thoroughbred. Of course, it’s the one exotic that I could imagine living with as my daily driver. Easily. And it’s the only one in which my entire family can be ferried about in comfort while I enjoy an engaging drive.”

~ This article appeared in Issue 28 of Maserati Monthly


“…The wonderfully subtle Maserati Stability Program has helped me out when traction changes too abruptly, if I’ve misjudged the water that weeps across sloped roads for instance, but it has yet to intrude on my drive because the car sticks to the road. The standard Skyhook suspension, reassuringly firm in Sport Mode, has often slung me through corners when my reactions didn’t scrub enough speed before the apex. I marvel at its handling, having had a number of sports cars that did not deliver this competition grace with such road car ease. In my GranSport I am a great driver.”

– This article appeared in one of the first issues of Maserati Monthly, 2005

Since 2003, Intelliga has worked closely with Maserati North America. This represents a pretty substantial collection of web pages, printed promotional pieces, untold email campaigns, a highly automated dealer “extranet”, and more.

“Maserati Monthly” (it actually started life as the “Quattroporte eNews”) was a very successful online e-magazine created, developed and nurtured by Intelliga. Our love of travel, automobiles, and photography was a perfect fit for producing complete and thorough editions for each issue. We feel pretty confident saying that our work for Maserati influenced many other automakers to follow our lead.

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