When the business partners behind Elite Audio decided it was time to create an online calling card for their extremely exclusive clientele – customers of the ultra-high end Linn Audio equipment – they approached Intelliga to meet that need, and to do so affordably.

Since Elite Audio was built on personal relationships over a span of 25+ years, branding had never been a consideration until the web site project kicked off. It just hadn’t been needed! But a web site without branding is a hard concept to come to terms with, so a simple goal was set: create a logo that evokes the Linn Audio logo, but that isn’t just a copy. Of course, it wasn’t long before a miniature version of the logo was also developed to serve as a browser icon.

Creating a small web site is never quite as simple as it seems, but we think the results speak for themselves. The site presents all the core messages on the home page, adds a second page to detail some of Linn Audio’s key technologies, and makes it easy for the Elite Audio team to add to the “Latest News” section at will using a simple template.

Visit the Elite Audio web site for Linn Audio products at www.elite-audio.ca.

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