The Drive Toward a Cure machine continues to move forward, growing it’s audience and the number of active supporters. But when Joni Pursell arrived on the scene with her ambitious plan to raise funds for Parkinson’s by way of her nearly-8,000 mile, 34-day motorcycle journey – named the “YRUW8NG Ride” (“Why Are You Waiting?”) – the foundation was more than happy to offer whatever they could by way of support and encouragement!

On the web site, this included not only a fundraising page that any web site user is able to create for themselves via custom tools built by Intelliga, but, in Joni’s case, the desire to allow her her very own “blog” to document the journey rose quickly to the fore.  Intelliga dove straight into its bag of tricks, making use of the Divi Theme Builder to create a custom blog template incorporating custom-made graphics.  Combined with a plug-in to provide administrative isolation for Joni and her staff back home to work safely in the back end, without access to any other posts, pages, or tools, in a matter of hours the Drive Toward a Cure web site was ready to go!

Visit Joni’s “YRUW8NG” blog… and if you’re feeling generous, you can donate to Joni’s “YRUW8NG” fundraising campaign too!

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